Dallas Keuchel Apologizes For His Role In The Sign-Stealing Scandal

The fallout from the Astros' sign-stealing scandal is continuing. Pitcher Dallas Keuchel has come out and been the first player on that Houston Astros team who has apologized for his role in the sign-stealing during SoxFest on Friday.

It's not like every game we had it going on" when asked about the sign-stealing scheme.
"It's just what the state of baseball was at that point in time. Was it against the rules? Yes, it was. And I personally am sorry for what's come about the whole situation."

Keuchel played for the Astros for the first seven years of his career, including the 2017-18 seasons, when the club illegally stole signs using technology. Keuchel joined the Chicago White on a three-year, $55.5 million deal at the end of December, just a couple weeks before MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred unveiled details of the scandal in a nine-page report.

Photo: Getty Images

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