Adrián González Speaks On The Houston Astros & Policing Pitches

Adrián González joins the Petros & Money show to talk about Houston Astros sign stealing scandal & talking about players policing themselves.

On trying to gain an edge vs. taking a step far?

I feel like MLB has to be very specific and let everyone know where that line is drawn. Obviously what the Astros have been doing is definitely over the line. I think that it's something that when I came to the game would definitely deserve somebody to get hit. Some of the other allegations that are going on, I think MLB has to decided where that line is drawn.

As a pro, how much do you want to know when a pitch was coming?

I think if the pitcher knows what to do with the ball and can really locate a pitch it helps. If it's a kid that is just chucking it out there and can't really control his pitch then you don't want to know. If you are talking about a pitcher in the World Series game, those guys know where the ball is going for the most part and it helps.

Listen to the conversation below!

Adrián González

Photo: Getty Images

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