Rich Hill On His Time With The Dodgers, Astros-Red Sox Reports & More

Rich Hill

Rich Hill joins Dodger Talk with David Vassegh to talk about his time with the Dodgers, signing with the Minnesota Twins, and the injuries he suffered this past season.

On his time in Los Angeles:

I love the people in LA and it is something I will never forget. I loved putting on a Dodger uniform, that was one of the best moments of my career was being able to be a Dodger.
At the end of the year i never told so many guys I loved them when the season ended. It was a huge genuine clubhouse that was more than just baseball and I am going to miss it.

Astros 2017 scandal:

Everyone is waiting for the final result. Obviously something was going what degree? I don't know. We had a better team in my opinion. If it proves to be leaning towards the scale of unfair, we could look back and say we had a hell of a team in 2017.

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