Kyle Kuzma's Trainer Calls Out LeBron James For His Work Ethic

The Lakers have lost their last four games after a hot start, and suddenly people are coming out from some unexpected places to give some opinions.

The latest critic is Kyle Kuzma’s trainer Clint Parks, who has called out LeBron James after the Lakers’ loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Christmas Day.

“Watching Kawhi highlights from yesterday. NOBODY wants to speak on how sharp his skill set is compared to Lebrons. It’s clear who’s really in the LAB and who isn’t. Let me hear the excuses I’m on vacation I got nothing but time."
“Turn the film on. Somebody was dodging SMOKE yesterday and it wasn’t Kawhi.”

After a series on Instagram story posts by Clint Parks, Kuzma had an interesting timed tweet that read “call a spade a spade.” He then deleted the tweet shortly after publishing it.

Photo: Getty Images

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