Blake Treinen On Coming To The Dodgers & Responds To Compliments From JT

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics

New Dodgers reliever Blake Treinen joins the Petros and Money show to discuss signing with the Dodgers, responds to Justin Turner's comments yesterday on the show & and shares the story of the time a cougar attacked his car.

On coming to the Dodgers:

I have never put much thought in where I am going to play because it has always been determined for me with teams having control over you. This whole process has been fun and we are excited to put on Dodger blue (me & my wife)

Responds to Justin Turner saying that he is a tough guy to face:

I think he is being really nice. He was really really good anytime we faced him but that was very cool to hear that from Justin Turner.

Listen to the conversation below!

blake treinin

Photo: Getty Images

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