Magic Johnson Says He Deserves More Credit For The Lakers Success

The Los Angeles Lakers as of right now are first place in the Western Conference and tied with the Milwaukee Bucks for the best record in the NBA through a quarter of the season. We credit LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Frank Vogel, Rob Pelinka and others for the early success, but we might just be missing someone.

Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times recently spoke with Magic Johnson while giving out bikes to children at a community center, wanted to make certain that he also is getting some of the credit for this hot start the Lakers have gotten off to right after he left:

"This team would not be in the position it’s in without me,” he says.
"This was my strategy, this is what I thought we’d be in three years,” he says. “I knew we were on the right track. Everybody wanted to do it their way, but I’m good with who I am. … I think people respect what I’ve done for the team.”

Will the early success of the Lakers translate to success in April/June? Only time will tell for right now.

Photo: Getty Images

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