Anthony Davis Talks Michael Jordan, His Role On Space Jam 2 & More

Lakers Anthony Davis joins The Dan Patrick show to talk about his first season with the Lakers, Michael Jordan, his development in high school, and his role on Space Jam 2.

On if he ever had a conversation with Michael Jordan:

The only time I talked to Michael was at his camp. He came and spoke to the group and then had a couple conversations here and there but that was the only time I had a real conversation with him.

What his role is on Space Jam 2:

I have the 8th biggest role. I know he told me I was 8th but I don't know if he was making me more excited to be in the film or.... I'm just going to go with his word.

On if he will play vs. the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday:

Hopefully, that is the plan. I will see how the ankle feels but hopefully I am able to suit up and play.

Listen to the conversation below!

anthony davis

Photo: Getty Images

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