Brent Musburger Talks Derek Carr, Jon Gruden, And The Raiders Move To Vegas

The legendary Brent Musberger joins the Petros & Money show to talk about the upcoming matchup between the Raiders-Chargers, the differences between the NFL and NCAA, and the Raiders next move to Las Vegas.

Stories of Philip Rivers:

He is the best trash talker in the NFL. When we beat him up at Oakland, he was screaming at the sideline at Jon Gruden and last year when we were at Dignity Health Sports park, he came up to the line of scrimmage and yelled 'NICE DEFENSE HUH'. There's nobody like Philip.

On Derek Carr:

I would be surprised if Derek Carr doesn't open up as the Las Vegas Raider quarterback but then again we will see. They have two first round draft choices.
I don't think Derek Carr is the biggest problem with the Raiders, they must replace the defense.

Listen to the interview below!

brent musburger

Photo: Getty Images

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