Clayton Kershaw On The Astros Scandal & Possible Bumgarner Signing

Our own David Vassegh caught up with Clayton Kershaw at the annual children's holiday party at Dodger Stadium to talk about how he has gotten over the Game 5 NLDS loss, a possible Madison Bumgarner signing, and the Astros cheating scandal.

Kershaw after the Game 5 NLDS Loss:

I crawled into a hole for a little while there and it is tough man. I felt sorry for myself for a couple days and then i figured I gotta start trying to get better.

On if Madison Bumgarner:

He's a good dude and I enjoy hanging with him. There's no love lost on the field no doubt but we welcome him if that is the route we decide and he decided to go.

On the Astros cheating scandal:

If it is true banging on trash cans and all that stuff it is not right it is cheating. If we don't get to win the World Series, i don't really care what the punishment is because it won't take back what happened. I am interested to see how the investigation turns out.

Listen to the conversation below!


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