Mark Gubicza On The Rendon Signing; What's Could Be Next For The Dodgers

After the big signing of Anthony Rendon, Mark Gubicza joins us on Petros and Money to discuss the signing of Rendon and what to expect NEXT for the Angels and Dodgers.

What is next for the Angels:

They have to get top starting pitching. It is going to happen from people I talked to and it is going to happen fairly quickly.

On what the Dodgers could do after missing out on Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon during the Winter Meetings:

They are so good and I like the Blake Treinen signing. I heard enough chatter about Francisco Lindor and if Dodgers could pull that off, wow this kid is legit! I know guys like Lux, May, will be hard to take away for Dodger fans but you talk about Francisco Lindor and the different energy level and you talk about a potential face of the franchise move. That changes everything around for the Dodgers.

Listen to the conversation below!


Photo: Getty Images

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