Ravens Marcus Peters Shotguns Beer With Fans During Game

Baltimore Ravens All-Pro cornerback Marcus Peter pulled off his best Stone Cold Steve Austin impression during the Ravens’ playoff-clinching win over the Buffalo Bills.

Sorry #BillsMafia, but Peters outdid even the most rambunctious fans in America when it came to alcohol related escapades, as he hilariously ‘shotgunned’ a beer moments after Peters broke up a last-minute fourth down pass attempt from Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

With just over a minute to play, the Bills were faced with a fourth down and eight play at the Ravens’ 17-yard line, trailing 24-17. Allen threw a slant in the end zone to Bills wide receiver Josh Brown, but Peters broke up the pass, forcing a game-clinching turnover on downs. Peters then leaped into the stands to celebrate with the Ravens fan in attendance on the road.

CBS cameras then briefly flashed to Peters literally chugging a beer as a Ravens fan poured a pounder into the open mouth of Peters while still wearing his helmet.

The victory clinched the Ravens a Wild Card spot at the very least, with Baltimore having the opportunity to clinch the AFC North with a win or Steelers loss in the next three weeks, and can clinch to no. 1 seed with three more wins over the Jets, Browns, and Steelers no matter what happens with New England; with their head-to-head victory over the Patriots in Week 9.

Peters was acquired from the Los Angeles Rams on October 15th, in a trade that netted the Rams a fifth-round pick and linebacker Kenny Young.

Peters is a 26-year-old former first round pick out of Washington who is a two-time Pro Bowler (2015, 2016) and two-time All-Pro (2015-second team, 2016-first team).

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