The Fallout Of Bringing Clay Helton Back To USC

Petros and Money react to the report of USC in discussions with Bob Stoops before they decided to bring back Clay Helton:

The hang up with Stoops wasn't about the money, it was for his assistants and full control. I am hearing that was the hang up. When you hire a big coach, you give the guy FULL control.

On Carol Folt and where the program goes from here:

I think she is getting advice from bad people and she doesn't realize how quickly this fanbase is ready to turn their back on USC football. They are doing worse in attendance than they were when Paul Hackett was my coach and we were 4-8 my senior year. They are doing like 10,000 people a game worse than we were.
It's not like Tennessee where the fanbase comes at you like a wave when you hire a coach that people are adversed to. USC fans aren't going to do that, they are just going to book a trip to Mammoth on Notre Dame week.

Listen to the conversation below!

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