Tom Telesco On The Loss Vs. The Broncos And Philip Rivers This Season

Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco joins the Petros and Money show to discuss the latest on the Chargers and losing 8 games.

Tom Telesco on the 8 losses coming in one score games:

It is disappointing to have 8 games like that. It is not hard to figure out because we aren't forcing enough turnovers on defense and we are turning the ball over too much on offense.

Tom Telesco on Philip Rivers:

He has been in this league long enough and he know what he does well. He is use to being under a microscope and that is just the nature of that position. He has been a leader for us in a time of prosperity and in a time of struggle. We are going to fight this one out the last 4 weeks.

Listen to the conversation!

tom telesco

Photo: Getty Images

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