Dodgers Reportedly Met With Stephen Strasburg Last Week

Could Strasburg be head out west?

According to Chris Lingebach of 106.7 The Fan, the Dodgers have reportedly met with Stephen Strasburg when he was in Los Angeles last week.

Not only just the Dodgers, he also said that the World Series MVP is planning to meet with other West Coast teams including the Padres, Giants, and Angels with the Angels and Padres looking like the front-runner to acquire the pitcher.

I heard this from Chris Russell he said Strasburg was in Los Angeles meeting with the Dodgers. We saw him at a Clippers game, he dapped up Kawhi Leonard, a fellow San Diego alum. It would stand to reason that a guy who’s gonna be as in demand as anybody would take those meetings — he’s earned that right.

Of course, Leonard and Strasburg went to high school 92 miles apart, attended San Diego State University after excelling at basketball and baseball, respectively, in their senior years. While Leonard was a highly ranked player coming out of Martin Luther King High in Riverside, California, Strasburg was less polished and wasn’t accepted at his top college choice, Stanford. A few years apart, both enrolled on scholarships at SDSU and became Aztec legends.

Strasburg posted a 3.32 ERA and 1.04 WHIP in his 33 starts and was sensational in the postseason and against the Astros in the World Series.

Photo: Getty Images

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