Umpire Leaves In The Middle Of The Game After Being Taunted By Parents

This is the definition of 'emotions got the best of everybody' at this exact moment.

A viral video has been making its rounds today of a baseball game in Arizona. In the video, an umpire working a little league game suddenly turned around and confronted a noisy parent after some apparent questionable calls he was making. Here are some of the things you can hear in the video from the stands from the parents:

Just stay professional for the kids and just do your job, that is it.
Are you mad because the kids are taller than you?
What a jerk.

After all those words were exchanged between the umpire and the parents, the ump just decided enough was enough and just walked out on the game.

Who do you side with on this incident?

Photo Credit: TikTok @griswald13

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