LeBron James Sends Out A Taco Truck To First Responders Of The Getty Fire

LeBron James tweeted out early Monday morning that he and his family had to evacuate because of the Getty fire. A brush fire broke out along the west side of Interstate 405 in Los Angeles, north of Sunset Boulevard and near the Getty Center.

Today, LeBron James decided to show his appreciation of the first responders by sending out food trucks on Taco Tuesday.

At shoot around, he talked about how he and his family was able to get out of danger from the natural disasters and how grateful he is for the firefighters according to Tania Ganguli. Here is what he had to say:

“I am blessed, and I am truly blessed to be able to get my family to safety at that point in time and not be able to face anything that was harmful to us,” James said. “And I wish the same for everyone else in the community that’s ever had to deal with these things over the years. There’s been so many natural disasters over many decades that have been harmful. People have lost lives. But like I said, the most important thing is the first responders, how important they are, how committed they are to be able to respond at that hour, at that speed.”

Photo: Getty Images

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