Tim Donaghy Talks About His Time In Prison, Near Fight With Rasheed Wallace

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy joins Roggin and Rodney show to talk about his horrific time in prison, how he was a part of fixing NBA games, and an altercation he almost got in to with Rasheed Wallace.

His time in prison:

I went to federal prison with a label as a snitch. A man beat me with a pole and I had to have two operations on my knee to fix that and it was difficult and it was a long 15 months. One point they said I was out of bounds and threw me in solitary hold for 15 days, fed me threw a hole.

Altercation with Rasheed Wallace:

He played in a game that I officiated and I gave him a technical foul. Long story short, he waits for me on the loading dock. He starts mouthing off and of course, I am from Philly I say something smart to him. He rushes at me and 10 guys tackled him. One shot I would have been dead.

Photo: AM 570 LA Sports

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