LAFC President Tom Penn Talks About How The 3252 Came Together

LAFC's cofounder Tom Penn talks about the big win over the Los Angeles Galaxy in El Trafico, the fan base and how the 3252 got their name.

On the LAFC fans coming together before it all started:

We involved them in all aspects of our stadium design, of our colors, logo and name. It didn't hurt that the stadium is the greatest venue in the history of Los Angeles.
When we were building this, we had a vision of the whole endzone of being full. He said their is 3252 and we thought wow that is a cool number. Six different groups came together and they couldn't decide on the name. About three beers later somebody figured out that adds up to 12 and they are the 12th man.

Listen to the conversation below!

tom penn

Photo: Getty Images

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