James Worthy Talks Lakers-Clippers, Kawhi Leonard & Michael Jordan

James Worthy joins Petros and Money to talk about the Clippers-Lakers game last night and what adjustments the Lakers could make during the season to compete in a tough Western Conference.

On LeBron and Anthony Davis' performance:

I saw a lot of passes that were telegraphed and a lack of motion from AD and LeBron. It is only the first game. It is going to take them a few weeks before everything is automatic.

On where Kawhi Leonard ranks at this moment in time:

I wouldn't say he has the crown yet, but there's no question. Kawhi to me is a mixture of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. When Kawhi sees a spot, he can't be denied to getting to that spot.

Who the better team:

I think they are no question. You can't argue with that given what they did last year, they add two great players. Lakers are good, but it is a long season. Our bench is going to have to give us good games consistently.

Listen to the conversation below!

Photo: Getty Images

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