BBB Co-Founder Releases Video Exposing Lonzo Ball's Secret Injury

Overnight, Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster debuted a YouTube channel that talked about what happened between, LaVar, Lonzo, and the whole saga.

Foster mentions in the video that it was the Lakers’ negligence that had the another season-ending injury for Ball, not the Big Baller Brand sneakers. The Lakers aren’t the only party he blamed, though. Here is what else had had to say during the video:

Lonzo and D-mo called me to setup an appointment with a specialist to take a look at his ankles. I made some phone calls and there’s a specialist I had gotten pretty close with in Ohio while we had Melo out there. We fly Lonzo and D-Mo out there and had an MRI and an X-Ray on Lonzo’s ankle and the MRI showed that he has torn ligaments on his ankle. Nobody knows that he has torn ligaments.
If Lonzo doesn’t get surgery they’re going to have another season with the New Orleans Pelicans and he’s going to get injured again.
“It’s LaVar’s fault for driving him into the ground when he was a kid. He had the boys running on cement, running hills on concrete. Can you imagine the damage that does on your knees? On your ankles? And then, when they play in the game — whether it’s AAU, high school —LaVar requested that they stayed in the full game with no breaks, no rest. So, Lonzo’s 21 years old but his ankles are really like 31 years old.”

Once the video dropped, both Lonzo Ball and the Pelicans have made statements to TMZ denying just about everything Alan Foster has said.

"The team strongly debunks this and was very aware of Lonzo's injury history and status [before we traded for him]." The Ball family took a more direct approach when addressing the claims. "Alan Foster has repeatedly lied, defrauded and stole from the Ball family," family spokesperson Denise White said. "Anything he says cannot be trusted." 

Photo: Getty Images

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