Andrew Bogut Takes A Shot At LeBron After His Comments About Daryl Morey

LeBron James has been heavily criticized by fans and the media after his public comments he made on the situation between the NBA and China. Now, one of his former teammates takes to Twitter to comment on the situation.

Andrew Bogut, spent a brief time with LeBron as teammates with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017, sent a tweet on Tuesday that was clearly directed at LeBron. Not only Bogut, other international players like Enes Kanter took to Twitter over the past couple of days and have been adamant about their distaste for LeBron's stance and today, another voice is entered the arena.

While it was Morey’s tweet that started this storm, the NBA’s non-apologetic statements caused the Chinese government to pull sponsors and media availabilities for the Lakers’ two games in China, which also resulted in several Lakers players missing out on endorsement deals and appearances.

Photo: Getty Images

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