(WATCH): Polar Bear Spotted Walking Through A Baseball Diamond

Now here is something you might not see everyday in Canada on a baseball diamond.

A polar bear was spotted walking around the baseball diamond in Churchill, Manitoba. The conservation officer who helped tranquilize a polar bear spotted wandering across a baseball diamond in Churchill, Manitoba, says it was a rare daytime sighting within town limits.  

“It was an awkward place to chase a bear because there are a lot of fences around the diamond, but a number of areas around its perimeter where people can walk through,” he told CTVNews.ca.
“The bear went a short distance before the drug got her. It usually takes about three to five minutes for the tranquilizer to start working,” he said.

The video was caught on camera by Churchill resident Danielle Daley, who posted her videos to Facebook, with the caption:

“Only in Churchill mb! Outside my work this morning, good job to conservation for keeping our town safe! This little guy has been tranquilized and sent to polar bear jail.” As of Monday, her videos had more than 350 shares.

Officers tranquilized the bear, who will spend 30 days in a holding facility before it's released a safe distance outside of the town.


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