(WATCH): Man Strikes Out During His Baseball-Themed Gender Reveal

We've all been there. You're trying to plan a creative gender reveal and you come up with a baseball theme, and next thing you know, you strike out in front of all your friends and family that have a video camera up to your face.

After searching for unique gender reveal ideas, the couple decided on powder-filled baseballs that explode with pink or blue powder once hit with a bat. To keep their baby’s gender a surprise to themselves, the couple likely trusted a friend to load the ball with the appropriate powder.

In this case, a man wearing a Manny Machado jersey was getting ready to hit the ball that will forever change his life, he took a nice swing but ended up being a big miss. After the big first swing, he missed 6 times before the ball exploded on the final toss upon hitting the ground. Hey, that is all the matters.

Video: Jesus Duran

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