REPORT: Reggie Bush's USC Ban Could Likely End In 2020

Reggie Bush Press Conference

Could a familiar face be welcomed back to USC?

There is potential for USC to formally open its doors to the former Trojans star after nearly a decade of distance following the NCAA sanctions for improper benefits the running back and his family received while he was in school.

Among those sanctions handed down in 2010, USC had to disassociate from one of its most popular college football players in our generation. USC interim athletic director Dave Roberts explained Wednesday in an interview with Here is what was said:

"The COI, which I sit on Committee on Infractions had recently put through a rule change. It's called an IOP internal operating procedure which basically reduced any disassociation to a 10-year disassociation, much like what was given to [former Michigan basketball star] Chris Webber," Roberts explained. "So in June of 2020, the disassociation for Bush will expire and it's going to be up to the university what the university wants to do."

USC has previously said they want Reggie back on campus -- but they can't disobey the NCAA. Reggie recently went back to the Coliseum in Los Angeles to cover a USC football game for FS1 and received an ovation from the crowd.

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