Don MacLean Speaks On The NCAA Fair Pay To Play Act

Don MacLean talks about the Clippers, Lakers, Dwight Howard and how the NCAA is going to be able to hold up if this deal passes.

On Kawhi Leonard and Paul George load management:

I do think they are going to be cautious with him. The bonus the Clippers have is that they have great depth and they will have a big ability to do load management.

Don MacLean on Dwight Howard with the Lakers:

All we are reading is he is a changed man, but people don't change all that often. I think the bigger question is if he is on the team and making an impact on a team that has championship aspirations.

On The NCAA Fair Pay To Play Act:

It puts a lot of conferences in a bad spot. If it stays, it is going to change a lot and im anxious to see what the NCAA is going to do. The NCAA might just combust at the end of it.

Listen to the conversation below!

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