David Freese Talks About The Young Dodgers And Cody Bellinger's Season

David Freese talks about how he made sure the team stayed focus throughout regular season and talked about Cody Bellinger's breakout year.

On the day by day mentality in the regular season:

We were so focused and we had so much fun. But now the real fun starts. That shows why the Dodgers have won 7 divisions in row. With the talent comes victories but there's more to it and this group has it.

The young Dodgers coming up:

The young guys that came up did their part. Those guys are going to help us in the postseason and are a big reason why we got to a franchise record in wins.

Cody Bellinger:

What I enjoyed everyday is his focus every at bat. If he wins MVP it is because of that. I saw him fighting every at bat and his numbers showed it.

Listen to the conversation below!


Photo: Getty Images

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