Matt 'Money' Smith On Gavin Newsom's Comments About The Student Athlete

Matt 'Money' Smith talks about how Gavin Newsom signed the 'Fair Play To Pay' Act why the number of the day is 'millennial.'

On Gavin Newsom:

You want to talk about one of the insulting comments in the history of a politician on a national platform.
He said 'the idea of the student athlete in 2019 is absurd'. Making the generalization that there's no such thing as a student athlete anymore which could not more insulting to 99.9% of student athletes who bust their a** to be student athletes and couldn't be more proud that could do both.

The word of the day being 'millennial':

LeBron being the millennial that he is has really embraced being in LA. What if in the World Series his beloved Yankees because he is a millennial and he roots for the Yankees and the Cowboys. Is he going to show up in that Yankees cap or is he too savvy? He's going to show up in straight Dodger gear.

Listen to the conversation below!

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