LeBron James Shouts Out The Dodgers Costumes During Lakers Media Day

The Los Angeles Dodgers completed a series sweep of the San Diego Padres on Thursday behind a 1-0 victory in San Diego players dressed in the clubhouse and headed out to San Francisco.

All the players partnered up to wear themed costumes which is now an annual tradition that in the past just applied to rookies during that time. The Dodgers elected to take matters a step further this season by making it a team-wide event.

Cody Bellinger and Joe Kelly decided to do a video of the famous 'Taco Tuesday' saying that LeBron does every Tuesday in their costumes that LeBron took notice to. Here is what LeBron said during media day:

“They did Taco Tuesday on a Thursday. I was like, ‘you know what, it’s the Dodgers, go ahead.’”

Photo: Getty Images

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