NBA G-League Experimenting With "One Foul Shot For All The Points" Rule

We could be seeing free throw changes coming into the NBA.

According to Zach Lowe, the NBA developmental league is experimenting with a new rule this season that could take some time off games when it comes to free throws.

Rather than having a player shoot two or three free throws, the league will instead allow players to shoot only a single free throw when fouled. That free throw will count for all of the points a player could have scored on the foul. If a player is fouled on a two-pointer, he would take one free throw for two points. These rules will be in place for most of each game but will revert back to traditional rules for the last two minutes and overtime of each game.

Cutting off time in games is the entire goal of the new rule. Basketball games typically have the shortest run-time among major professional sports, but according to Lowe, officials think that this change will cut around six to eight minutes from the league's average.

Do you like this idea of cutting free throws?

Photo: Getty Images

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