Antonio Brown Has Another Twitter Rant, Blasts Eric Weddle

Just week after Antonio Brown’s memorable Twitter tirade where he took unexpected potshots at Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Brown took to his now-infamous Twitter account to humiliate veteran NFL safety Eric Weddle, and Sports Illustrated columnist Robert Klemko, who penned the revealing exposé of Brown that led to him being released by the Patriots on September 20th.

Weddle came into AB’s crosshairs when Giants wide receiver Golden Tate quoted Brown’s tweet from Thursday morning that hinted at an NFL comeback. Brown tweeted ‘The game need me. I’m like test answers, to which Golden Tate re-quoted going What??’.

Weddle then replied to Brown’s tweet by saying ‘Def Don’t (need you). A twitter user than told Weddle he can’t guard AB over the top or in man, with Weddle replying ‘Don’t need to. He isn’t on a team’.

That’s when Brown came in throwing haymakers, quoting Weddle’s response by saying ‘U need some attention lil man. Glad I put that stiff arm in your neck in Pittsburgh. You deserved it Lil Weedle’.

Weddle quickly responded saying ‘hahahahaha. AB. When are you gonna learn that it isn’t about you. Never was and never will be. Got a game to get ready for. Good luck my guy.’

Brown quoted the tweet saying ‘Bro, I don’t even know you. Don’t call me AB, that’s not my name dummy! I’m not on your team. Never been. Shut your mouth jabroni.

Weddle then responded Ur not making an sense bud. Glad ur not on my team! Call yourself whatever you want. Doesn’t matter one bit to me. Goodluck at CMU my bro.'

Brown once again quoted the tweet saying ‘Keep your luck dude. Listen to your team, stay focus on your opponent not AB! AB is the brand not the individual! Clearly an AB fan! Even know about education oh reallyyy.

This was after Brown re-quoted Tate alluding to the SI columnist Robert Klemko's damaging article on Brown. Brown wrote of Klemko: Sports Illustrated reporter who got assault on his record will probably say AB thinks the game needs him then 50 analyst will sprinkle [salt shaker emoji]'

Brown was referring to Klemko being suspended by Sports illustrated for four weeks in October of 2014 after being arrested in Chicago following an alleged altercation with a cab driver.

Photo: Getty Images

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