Tom Telesco On Forrest Lamp, Nasir Adderly, Upcoming Game Vs. Dolphins

Tom Telesco joins the Petros and Money show to discuss the loss vs. the Houston Texans, issues on the offensive line, and the upcoming game vs. the Miami Dolphins.

On possibly seeing more of Forrest Lamp:

We may see more of him this week. We talked about this in the summer, what is our best five combination. I think we will see Forrest a little bit more going forward but we will see.

On Nasir Adderley:

Those are discussions we have had what is the best thing short term and long term. We will see what the best fit is going into October.

If it matters if kids go to powerhouse schools:

It doesn't matter what school they go to USC, Alabama, Clemson, etc. I know for us it doesn't matter where they come from, we will find them no matter what.

Listen to the conversation below!

tom telesco

Photo: Getty Images

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