Arash Markazi On Who Could Replace Swann As AD And His Reggie Bush Column

Arash Markazi drops by the Roggin and Rodney show to discuss who could replace Lynn Swann as the athletic director, his Reggie Bush column, and the future of Clay Helton.

Possible replacements for Lynn Swann:

I have heard a lot of the same names. This is someone who is a current athletic director at a major university perhaps a PAC 12 University. I don't know the current president but I don't know her that well to know what direction they are looking. It is someone at a school currently.

Reggie Bush:

One of the things that I touched on in my column is today there's a feeling that why doesn't USC recognize him? It's not USC's call. Chris Webber, if you look back at his situation they said 10 years and after that 10 years was over he was welcomed back.
You can't erase the past. Lets not pretend that he wasn't a part of a program that is ridiculous.

Full audio below!

arash markazi

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