Petros And Money Discuss Clay Helton, USC's Loss Vs. BYU

Petros and Money discuss USC's loss to BYU and UCLA's blowout loss to Oklahoma this weekend.

The Helton Trifecta:

The Helton trifecta. Special team blunder, key defensive breakdown, horrible penalty. Those three things always happen in almost every USC game. Sam Darnold covered up a lot of those zits.

On what Clay Helton does after every game:

Phase 1: He always compliments the opposing coach which is a classy move.
Phase 2: He always talks about proud he is of his players.
Phase 3: He always directly mentions how young his team is or eludes to the learning the guys get from the game which directly implies youth.
Phase 4: He caps off the losing press conference by saying how excited he is for the next game.
He has had a life in football. For all the articles that were written about how Graham Harrell was a a great coach...there's a reason he was at North Texas guys. There's a reason that Clay's best job he ever had was 2 years as a coordinator at Memphis and then he was fired.
Now he is the head USC coach and going to make $23 million when it is all said and done.

Listen to the conversation below!

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