Man Claims He Has Been Stabbed By Wife For Watching The Nationals Too Much

This is something you don't hear everyday.

Earlier this week, a man named Bobby called in to 106.7 The Fan from his hospital bed, claiming he had just been stabbed by his wife, of 38 years, for watching Nationals baseball on television far too frequently.

“”I was watching the Nats game and she came home from one of the local area bars, Applebee’s, intoxicated,” Bobby said. “And she proceeded to start screaming at me, and then it erupted into me getting stabbed with a butcher knife.”
Asked what provoked his wife to stab him, Bobby answered, “Because she said I watch too much Nats. That’s all I do is watch baseball.”

Bobby says his wife stabbed him in his left forearm, which required 13 stitches to stop the bleeding. Even prior to the incident, the two were already engaged in divorce proceedings.

Photo: Getty Images

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