Doc Rivers Talks About How The Kawhi-Paul George Deal Almost Fell Apart

The Los Angeles Clippers had one of the best days in franchise history on July 6th when they landed both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on July 6. But there was heavy doubt the team was going to be able to pull it off.

L.A. coach Doc Rivers was on The Rich Eisen Show on Friday that there were multiple points throughout the day the Clippers believed they were not going to be able to reach an agreement with the Oklahoma City Thunder on George.

"I can tell you on the day that it all went down, at 10 that morning, we thought the deal was over. That it wasn't going to happen. Because Oklahoma and us, we just couldn't get a deal done. At two, we thought it was back on. At five, [Clippers president Lawrence Frank] said 'Hey, it's over. We can all just go to dinner.' And so I was on my way to dinner, I was literally walking into Nobu in Malibu and I get a text, 'Grab your phone, it's back on.' Within an hour, the deal was done."

With the two superstars paired together in the Western Conference, many people see them as a front runner to win the NBA title next season.

Photo: Getty Images

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