Petros And Money On USC's Win Vs. Fresno State And The JT Daniels Injury

Petros breaks down USC's win over Fresno State and what USC should do going forward after the JT Daniels injury.

On USC's win vs. Fresno State:

Bone head special teams, unprepared clock management, poor game management skills, all of it was on display Saturday night. The truth is, USC beat a well coached but undermanned Fresno State team whose starting QB wouldn't be allowed to walk-on at USC. He must have missed 7 guys wide open.

On Slovis coming in after JT Daniels injury:

What happened to this is the greatest talent I have ever seen Graham Harrell? The guy can't even take a snap and who would blame him? He is a freshman that should not have been there.
The guy that played the best game of a USC QB last year is in the transfer portal because Clay Helton named him the 4th string guy 10 days ago.

Listen to the conversation below!

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