Dave Roberts Says Gavin Lux Is A "Candidate" To Be On Postseason Roster

In just a few days, rosters are going to be expanded to 40 players on a major league roster. Today, Dave Roberts discussed if Gavin Lux could possibly be called up.

Roberts says that Gavin Lux will join the Dodgers “in some capacity” and is a candidate to be on their postseason roster. He also mentioned that Lux will be in an apprenticeship roles similar to what Will Smith was last September with the team.

Lux is hitting .350/.423/.616 with 26 home runs. Since his promotion to Triple-A, he's posted an .402/.486/.746 with 13 home runs in 189 at-bats.

Dodgers selected Lux and the Dodgers could see him contributing right away just like Corey Seager did when he was starting out the Dodgers. Should the Dodgers have Gavin Lux playing everyday and put on this upcoming postseason roster?

Photo: Getty Images

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