Kobe Bryant Says He Would Have 12 Rings If It Wasn't For Shaq's Work Ethic

We all know that Kobe Bryant is super competitive.

Bryant in a recent interview with Patrick Bet-David at the PHP Agency Convention in Las Vegas, where Bryant was asked if Shaq would be remembered differently if he had been blessed with Bryant’s work ethic. Bryant and O’Neal feuded constantly when they were both on the Los Angeles Lakers but had some of the best success going to four NBA Finals and winning their first three in a row.

"He's be the greatest of all time," Bryant said ... "He'd be the first to tell you that!"
"I wish he was in the gym! I would've had 12 f*cking rings!"

Eventually their relationship got so bad that the organization let O’Neal go and shipped him off to the Miami Heat and Bryant would re-sign with the Lakers. The pair seem to have mostly publicly reconciled since then, and even said that the feud wasn’t that bad when they were on the same team.

Bryant would finish his career with five rings. That’s one more than Shaq, granted, so Bryant did get the last laugh, but he still ended up one short of Michael Jordan.

How many rings do you think Kobe and Shaq would have gotten if they stayed together on the same team?

Photo: Getty Images

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