Warren Moon Reacts To The Andrew Luck Retirement News

Warren Moon talks to Petros and Money about Andrew Luck's sudden retirement and shares if he would have done the same.

On Andrew Luck retirement:

A lot of guys don't have a career as long as Andrew's. Most guys don't get to the 7 year mark and definitely do not make over $100 million mark.
Right now I can understand how he feels and what he has gone through.

Warren Moon on his career:

I never thought about walking away from the game. I never had any serious injuries that is what kept me going every year. Never had a knee, shoulder, or anything major that made me think about retiring.

On if fans booing affected him:

When I first went to the University of Washington, it is just something I got use to. In the beginning part of my career, that is one of the reasons I went to Canada.
If you are going to judge me on how I play that is one thing, but to judge me for something else like that, that's not fair.

Listen to the conversation below!

Warren Moon

Photo: Getty Images

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