Jeanie Buss Talks Magic Johnson, Linda Rambis, And Lakers Upcoming Season

Jeanie Buss joins the Petros and Money show live from Ballast Point in Long Beach to talk about acquiring Anthony Davis, Magic Johnson stepping down, and what to expect from this upcoming season.

On Magic Johnson stepping down:

I just want to say we are still as close as ever. He stepped in to a very critical time in the franchise in what was going on and things that needed to be put in a different direction. He stood by my side and led the organization by bringing in LeBron James as a free agent.
He didn't want to do the day-to-day grind anymore. I don't ever want him to be in a position where he wasn't happy and he wasn't happy. The only thing I wish was different was that I had been given a heads up because it took me by surprise.
While it took me by such surprise it was familiar. Back in 1981, Magic demanded to be traded because Coach Paul West changed the offense and took the ball out of Magic hands. He asked to be traded which was a surprise to my dad but ended up bringing up in Pat Riley.

On Linda Rambis:

Linda is my trusted advisor and somebody that has seen so much in the business. When people started paying attention our relationship, that to me smelled a little sexist.
You don't see people in my position if its a male talking about all the people they confide in, consult with. It made is sound like Linda and I were at a dry bar sitting next to each other and we said 'hey lets get involved in basketball.'
Linda Rambis is one of the smartest people I know.

Listen to the conversation below!

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