Petros Speaks On The Questionable USC Quarterback Depth Chart

Petros and Money discuss JT Daniels winning the quarterback job and why the QB depth chart is somewhat questionable.

They sent a pretty clear message on how interested they are in Jack Sears and Matt Fink having success. Even though they talked Slovis a whole bunch the truth is, Slovis had 6 more picks than anybody in the competition. He was 7-17 with a couple turnovers in the first scrimmage.
They are so afraid of playing Sears. It is so plain to see how desperately they don't want this young guy to be featured at all. These guys will probably all end up playing the way the USC offensively line has been playing.
You got JT Daniels as the starter, the second string guy has never played. Leadership? When has that guy played a game? There's a bunch of guys on that team that saw Sears play his ass off.

Listen to the conversation below!

petros and money

Photo: Getty Images

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