Fan Who Got Oakland A's Contract After Viral 96-MPH Pitch Makes His Debut

Not only did Nathan Patterson get the opportunity of a lifetime, but he is making sure that he is making the most of it.

If you remember, Nathan Patterson and his brother were at a game on July 15 when he decided to test out his arm strength. After throwing a few balls in the low 90s, he let one rip and hit 96 on the radar gun. A few weeks later, he signed at contract with the Oakland Athletics minor league team.

Yesterday it took 18 pitches, but he got each of the first three batter swinging to start the game. Patterson wrote on Instagram his first professional outing “could not have gone any better.”

Last night was incredible and truly a blessing as I made my first professional outing.I’m not gonna lie, the nerves were flowing until I threw strike one. After that, I took a big deep breathe and realized all the hard work over the last year has prepared me for this moment.It could not have gone any better and I cannot thank my family, friends, teammates, and coaches enough for the love and support.I still have a long ways to go and I love that aspect of this journey. It takes discipline, focus, and consistency day in and day out to be able to compete in professional baseball.I wake up everyday excited to get better and push myself beyond my own expectations. It’s amazing what can happen when you set a goal, take it one day at a time, knock down any barriers, and look back after a few months or years to see what you have accomplished. As@garyveesays “macro patience, micro speed!”#LFG

Photo: @RSRBaseball

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