Fan Throws 97 MPH At Pitching Booth, Gets Shout-Out From The White Sox

In a game a couple of days ago, a twitter user by the name of @vicsantana, posted up a video on Twitter showing off his arm skills at a pitching booth at the White Sox game.

In his first couple of throws, he was hovering around the 92-93 MPH range. Then in the last take, he threw it and checked the radar number only to see he hit 97 MPH. He even got a response from the Chicago White Sox official Twitter account after seeing his video.

If you remember, just a couple of weeks ago, another fan (Nathan Patterson) who did this same thing ended up getting a minor league contract after showing off his impressive arm strength by launching a baseball 96 MPH at a radar booth at Coors Field during a Colorado Rockies game.

Patterson threw a few balls in the low 90s, he let one rip and hit 96 on the radar gun. A few weeks later, he signed a contract with the Oakland Athletics.

Is there a future in pitching for this White Sox fan?

Photo: Getty Images

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