Philip Rivers Talks About Never Taking The Moment For Granted In The NFL

Philip Rivers joins The Dan Patrick Show to talk about his consecutive start streak, and this upcoming season.

On the 2018-19 Chargers:

No, I think last year it was more disappointing and I was a little more emotional after the Patriots game. We are right here on the door step again and not only you aren't guaranteed to be back here, it is a whole other year to get you there.

On if he thinks about chances he will have at the tail end of his career:

I'll never forget being in the 2008 championship game and we were all banged up hurt LT, Gates, myself, Hardwick, Williams. But we got beat in that playoff game and Norv said 'hey we are going to be in a bunch of the games' and we haven't been in one since. I think you embrace it.

Listen to the conversation below!

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Photo: Getty Images

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