Dustin May Shares Advice Rich Hill Gave Him Before His Major League Starts

Dodgers pitcher Dustin May talks about picking up his first major league win and advice that Rich Hill gave him before his major league starts.

Where the ball for his first win will go:

It had the sticker on it to be officialized. I will keep it with me but it will probably end up in the house with my dad.

Biggest difference between the first start and now:

Going out for the first one, I was like wow this is a big feeling. It is not less of a feeling but you just settle down more and get back to the rhythm of things.

Biggest thing Rich Hill has taught Dustin May:

Being confident with off speed. Off speed is a huge factor up here and the more confident I am with it, the more I am going to throw it. You gotta have conviction with everything and knowing the pitcher throwing is going to get the guy in front of you out.

Listen to the conversation below!

dustin may

Photo: Getty Images

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