Petros Papadakis On The Fake USC QB Competition This Summer

Petros and Money discuss whether or not this USC 'QB Competition' is real or not.

Petros: By August 20th, Helton will find a way to name Daniels the starter again. Last year, the opening scrimmage was scripted because so JT lined up the first string offense and threw 4 TD's mostly against backup defenders. In a few weeks, when he pointed out to JT's great performance at the scrimmage, he named him the starting QB.
Petros: He had Jack Sears as the third string guy. Seems like Helton never wanted Sears on the field at all to every prove he is the Trojans best QB he buried him as the third stringer. Sears earned playing time at that ASU game. Next week what happened? Helton couldn't wait to get JT back and went 1-3 down the stretch.

Listen to the conversation below!

petros USC battle

Photo: Getty Images

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