REPORT: Kawhi Leonard Is "Seriously Considering" Joining The Lakers

2019 NBA Finals - Game Six

Yesterday, The Los Angeles Lakers made some moves that will allow them to free up enough salary cap space to sign a third max contract player, and there is apparently a legitimate chance that player could be Kawhi Leonard.

In an appearance on "Get Up", Stephen A. Smith is reporting that sources have told him Leonard is seriously entertaining the thought of signing with the Lakers.

“I have received the word that Kawhi Leonard is seriously considering the Los Angeles Lakers,” said Smith, repeating that same sentence only seconds later for host Mike Greenberg. “The Clippers are very, very nervous right now. And obviously in the case of the Toronto Raptors he says he will grant them a meeting, but why should you require a meeting? You just won a championship with them, you played with them the last year. He will listen to their pitch or whatever, but I don’t see how they would even need to have a pitch.

It was also reported earlier in the week that Kawhi Leonard will be meeting with both Los Angeles teams when free agency opens and will give the Toronto Raptors the last word before he makes his final decision.

Photo: Getty Images

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