NBA Exploring A Shortened Season With A Midseason Tournament

Could we be seeing changes to the NBA that hasn't occurred since the 1967-68 season?

According to Kevin Arnovitz, The NBA is "formally exploring" tweaks that includes a reduced regular season and a postseason play-tournament. Here is what we could possibly be seeing:

The number of games in a reduced regular season discussed on the conference call ranged from 58 — ensuring every team would host each of the 29 other teams in their arenas over the course of a season — to a marginal cut of only a handful of games. According to sources on the call, the appetite among team officials for a major reduction in the number of games was limited.

If they agree on the changes to a shortened season, those will likely be implemented for NBA's 75th season which is the 2021-22 year.

The league is also reportedly exploring a "mid-season cup-style tournament" that Adam Silver discussed publicly in an April news conference saying that it might take some time having to adjust to having "multiple goals throughout the season."

Photo: Getty Images

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