REPORT: Lakers Have Set A Meeting With D'Angelo Russell

Free agency is getting set to kick off in a couple days and things have already started to heat up.

According to our very own Fred Roggin, his sources say that the Lakers have set a meeting with former Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell as soon as free agency opens.

According to sources.. #Lakers set meeting with D’Angelo Russell. Club working towards setting meetings with defensive specialist and a lights out shooter also has interest. To be continued....

D'Angelo Russell is a restricted free agent this summer, but many think he will leave the Brooklyn Nets if Kyrie Irving decides to join the team. The deal could prompt the Nets to renounce Russell's right, allowing him to join another franchise. Perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers?

Los Angeles traded Russell to the Brooklyn Nets in 2017, and acquired point guard Lonzo Ball in the draft to replace Russell. Now that Ball will officially be heading to the Pelicans as part of the Anthony Davis deal, the Lakers have a lot of voids to fill to complete this roster through free agency.

Photo: Getty Images

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