Kyle Kuzma Receives Backlash Over Tweet Towards Warriors And Klay Thompson

Following the devastating knee injury (Torn ACL) to Warriors star Klay Thompson, Kyle Kuzma took to social media saying that it was karma for what happened in 2017 to Kawhi Leonard against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

When Kawhi Leonard was playing for the San Antonio Spurs, he came down on Zaza Pachulia’s leg after Pachulia failed to give him the ability to land during a jump shot. At the time of the play, the Spurs were blowing out the Warriors, and Leonard ended up missing the rest of the series; one in which they lost. Take a look at the play below.

Shortly afterward, Kyle Kuzma did send a tweet in support of Thompson after hearing the news of the severity of the injury. Unfortunately, many people on Twitter didn't see eye to eye on what he was saying.

Photo: Getty Images

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